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Welcome to the age of the small business marketing stack. To maintain and grow your business, you must ensure to ensure all your marketing tools work together. What's more, today's marketing requires a dedicated marketing operation that ensures that all processes happen at the speed of digital. Reputation Builder brings expertise in marketing, operations, and technology, and the power of BirdEye and Yext to provide the cutting-edge tools your business needs to grow.

Review Management, Reputation Management

Online review marketing

Today, customer reviews power the world of small business marketing. Your future customers are most likely to choose your business after reading a positive reviews. To accomplish this, turn your current customers reviews into your competitive edge.  

View your reviews in one interactive dashboard. Filter your review feed by ratings, time period, or by source to identify the areas and sites on which to focus your time. Reputation Builder sends new review alerts to you via email or SMS, so you don't miss a word. 

Quickly address negative feedback. Reputation Builder alerts you to negative customer experiences so you can respond instantly. Easily convert reviews into support tickets, and assign them to employees to ensure that every customer issue is resolved quickly. 

Respond directly to every review on third-party sites directly from one dashboard. Keep customers engaged, and acknowledge issues right away. Streamline the review process with automated responses based on custom rules, enabling your business to stay focused on business while still promptly addressing every incoming review. 

Reputation Builder also identifies reviews with spam, slander, and other violations and alerts the business owner using instant, daily, or weekly alerts. 

Share your favorite reviews across your social channels. Display your reviews on your website and social channels to tout the quality of your business. Let your customers do the talking to increase trust, social proof, and revenue.  

Review generation: The first step of review management is getting more reviews — lots of them. Luckily, collecting new reviews has never be en easier. Reputation Builder uses text and emails to send customers to top-review sites to share feedback using personalized requests with your branding and messaging. Easily get new reviews on third-party sites, your business website, and your social media profiles. Spread great testimonials across the web. More reviews equal more customers. 

Review monitoring: With the rise of online reviews, customers are connected like never before. They promote. They criticize. What they choose to say is driven by their experience. For successful businesses, online review monitoring is an integral and constant part of the customer acquisition process. Reputation Builder's online review-monitoring tool displays all of your customers' feedback and sends you SMS or email alerts every time a review is posted. Filter these alerts by source and star rating, so your business is notified only about reviews you find most critical. 

Review microsite: Using Reputation Builder's review management tools, collecting new reviews has never been easier. Using email or text, Reputation Builder can help get more reviews on the sites that matter to your business and then will manage and promote them across the web. 

Mobile responsive website

Mobile responsive website

We develop mobile-first conversion-focused websites packed with content tailored for your business. All site pages feature optimized high-end images, on-target call to actions, easy to use forms and webchat. 

High performance: Improved site speed is an important signal Google uses in its ranking algorithm. Having a website that loads quickly on both mobile and desktop searches is key to giving your next potential customer the best experience navigating your website. Reputation Builder uses digital asset management technology to optimize your images via a content delivery network to ensure the highest speeds.

Web analytics: Narrow down how customers find you. What are the successful keywords, who clicks on them, and which ones yield the most customer inquiries? Reputation Builder's reporting gives you a clear snapshot every month of what is happening on the web, the type of devices inquiries come from and their location, and your site's health and visibility compared to your competition.

Business listing management

Today’s connected customers exist in a world of micro-moments where every detail counts. Anything obstructing a seamless experience will divert your customer's journey in another direction, so inconveniences such as an incorrect phone number or address are enough to drive their attention elsewhere. 

Consistent business listing and mapping: Reputation Builder automatically syncs any changes your business makes to your business listing (name, address, phone number) across 50+ web listings such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Waze, and Apple so your business is found instantly by search engines and on maps. Reputation Builder scans your online presence with its “Scan Your Business” tool to see how your listing, reviews, and ratings across 300+ sites stack up against your competitors.


Webchat converts website visitors into customers by enabling you to respond faster and collect more leads with webchat. Engage immediately, and get customers anytime, anywhere. Reputation Builder's webchat is designed for on-the-go communication that’s convenient for you and your customers. It's simple: Reputation Builder's webchat converts every incoming chat from a site visit to a text message conversation. This way, you can immediately reply on-the-go, right from your phone. 

Convert more leads: Get instantly notified when a website visitor contacts you: Reputation Builder hat is a digital wind chime, alerting you whenever a new website visitor is looking for answers. Response time matters are times less likely to make contact with a patient lead if you wait more than five minutes. 

Customize everything: Personalize messages with your branding, configure your webchat profile, and create targeted messages. Get new customers on every page of your website by easily setting up webchat on any or all pages – and start gathering leads in just a few clicks.

Email marketing

Email marketing plays a vital role in the ongoing customer experience by providing communication between your business and customers. The goal of any email marketing campaign should always be to provide value to your customers. As you bring value, you can accomplish several marketing goals, such as bringing back lapsed customers, increasing engagement, and making a personal connection.

Reputation Builder develops emails that enable you to communicate monthly, providing tips, information, promotions, and updates about your business. Reputation Builder will work with your business to develop an email list that meets all privacy requirements while enabling you to build a stronger long-term relationship with your customers.

Social media and monitoring

Monitor, post, and engage with customers across blogs, forums, news sources, and social media platforms – all in one place. Grow your social media following by using social media software to resolve issues, identify trends, and join conversations to foster loyalty and drive revenue. 

Master social media engagement from one dashboard: Instantly respond to business mentions across sites that matter to you. Resolve issues, generate buzz for your business, and attract potential businesses on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. 

Start the conversation with social publishing: Effortlessly plan, organize, and post content across social networks from one place. Post more often, save more time. Synchronize posts across all networks, post at once to multiple profiles on multiple social networks. Manage all published and scheduled posts by calendar or list view. With social publishing, upload photos, GIFs, and videos to include in your posts. Store all uploads in your asset library so you can reuse the media that performs the best. Plan your month in just a few clicks. Add posts to your calendar – whether it's days, week's or months out – and Reputation Builder will automatically publish them on the dates and times you've set. 

Social listening tools for every channel: Track customers comments the instant they’re posted on sites that matter to your business. Reputation Builder's social media listening tools help you understand what your customers are saying online about your business and industry. Identify trends to improve your business. Your customers are talking – you need to hear them. Track customers' conversations across 300+ websites, blogs, forums, news sources, and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube.

Customer surveys

Effortlessly connect with your customers at any point in their journey by engaging at the right time, in the right channel. Make better business decisions with real-time feedback on services and overall experience – wiring your entire business around customer insights. Create surveys for gauge customer experience and employee experience. Engage each customer at the right time with NPS or CSAT surveys. Collect feedback across the customer journey via email, websites, SMS, and more. 

Make it simple: Create, test, and modify multiple surveys in just a few clicks, no coding required. Design surveys as brief as the modern customer's attention span. Create mobile-optimized surveys that make capturing feedback quick and easy for everyone. Use Reputation Builder to make it simple for customers to share feedback so you can convert every survey into a review. 

Intuitive reporting and close-the-loop feedback: Slice and dice responses any way you like: by question, over time, or by location, to identify sentiment trends with advanced survey reporting and custom dashboards. Reputation Builder's auto-ticketing instantly alerts you to detractors so you can address their issues promptly and win loyalty. 

Distribute surveys via all channels: In one click, send surveys via email, SMS, and social media. Text survey requests to your customers while chatting with them in Messenger. Reach them when they’re already actively engaged.


Turn customer comments into support tickets by converting negative reviews, social mentions, and survey responses. Solve issues before they escalate. Do not fail to take action on reviews, social comments, and survey responses. Customers in need of support often don't reach out directly. With Reputation Builder's ticketing software, you can address issues proactively and therefore will improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, convert detractors, and decrease issues. 

Streamline issue management and resolution: Assign every support ticket to a specific employee to minimize confusion about who should be working on which ticket. Filter tickets based on specific properties so the most important tickets are front and center. Track ticket resolution every step of the way.

Auto-create tickets based on customer experience: Automatically create support tickets based on patient criteria such as review ratings or keywords, and auto-assign these tickets to specific employees. Track these support tickets alongside reviews and ratings. 

Reduce issue resolution time: Track response rate and resolution time, and monitor all open support tickets by owner and status. Address customer issues quickly, and create visibility across your practice.

Search engine optimization

Reputation Builder's experts navigate the complexities of SEO – so you don't have to. Reputation Builders works with you to optimize your website, strengthens your brand, and makes sure you are favorably represented in search results.

SEO is a vast, complex, and at times frustrating aspect of internet marketing, but you can't afford to ignore it. Reputation Builders includes on-site search optimization with every website we build – which can significantly impact your success.

With our team of SEO experts and proactive planning, our advanced tactics can not only help drive new traffic to your site but will also strengthen your brand across the Web.

Geo targeted digital advertising

Reputation Builder maximizes your advertising dollars by targeting customers who live within 10 miles of your business.

Customers find your office when your practice is a top search result in Google: Currently, 77% of conversions now come from the top three search results on Google. Therefore, having your business listed there is critical. However, getting your business placed in the top three on Google Ads costs money. So, advertising that results in the most new customers is essential.

Direct marketing

Reputation Builder specializes in direct mailings that promote your business to your customers. Our 30 years of direct response marketing ensure you are getting the best rates and service, making the cost of direct mail affordable and highly effective.

A/B split-testing is key: In an A/B split test, Reputation Builder takes a control mailer design and modifies it to create a second version. This change can be as simple as a single headline or coupon or can be a complete redesign. Then, half of your mailing list is sent in the original version of the mailer and half in the modified version. This helps Reputation Builder determine the most successful strategy moving forward.

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