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How Do Customer Reviews Help SEO

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How do customer reviews help SEO
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Why are Customer Reviews Important for SEO?

Search engines aim to connect customers with relevant information as quickly as possible. Each subsequent search becomes more specific as the customer grows increasingly informed–by the time customers come across online reviews, they already know what product or service they want.

Customer reviews provide fresh, organic, highly relevant User Generated Content for your business, showing search engines that your business is active and providing customers unbiased social proof that your business is the real deal.

Apart from giving search engines what they love, online reviews on your website also encourage user interaction and build confidence in shoppers, increasing the likelihood that visitors become new customers.

What's in this ebook:

- Why customer reviews are important for local SEO
- What is User-Generated Content and how to use it
- How high ratings = high search ranking
- How to make the most of customer reviews
- How Reputation Builder can help you use customer reviews to their full potential - automatically
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