Why Reputation Builder?

Reputation Builder was born out of a desire to promote local small businesses more efficiently. There are many deserved businesses delivering high-quality service that lack the exposure they deserve. Resource Builder aims to remedy this via improved customer interaction, marketing, and reputation.

We do this by a process we call “Closing the Loop.” This cycle emphasizes two critical aspects of marketing: acquisition and retention. Acquisition focuses on driving new customer volume. Multiple factors affect customer attitudes about the services they choose. By understanding these factors, we can help foster an environment to promote new customer inquiry. When a customer chooses your business, customer loyalty must be maintained. Customer loyalty keeps schedules full and promotes growth. More importantly, customer loyalty allows you to capture the value of the customer over their lifetime, not for just a single purchase.

A question we like to ask: “Does your online presence WORK for you?” It should. Your company’s online attributes should be your greatest employee, working all day, every day. It needs to drive business and inspire customer interaction. If you have not dedicated the time and have not promoted your online presence –– we can help. It’s simple. Our goal is to make your business goals a reality. So give us a call. The marketing landscape has changed. Reputation Builder is here to move you into the future.

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