What are BirdEye Reviews?

BirdEye is an all-in-one customer experience platform. Reviews are at the heart of it all. Our software helps businesses get new reviews on 150+ sites like Google and Facebook. It also provides them the ability to get new reviews on the BirdEye platform. Let’s dig a little deeper into BirdEye reviews and see how they help businesses.

What is a BirdEye review?

When someone writes a review on Google or Yelp, it’s a Google or Yelp review. Similarly, BirdEye review is a review written on the BirdEye platform.

How can your business get BirdEye reviews?

Your customers can write a review on the BirdEye platform in two ways:

1. From your custom business profile. We will discuss these profiles in a bit more detail below. 

2. When you send a review request to your customers via email or SMS

Why Should Businesses Get Reviews on BirdEye?

1. Authentic customer reviews – Reviews obtained on the BirdEye platform are every bit as authentic as the reviews that your customers write on other review platforms like Google or Facebook. 

When someone writes a review on your custom business profile, they need to authenticate via their Facebook or Google login. 

Your customer writes a review by clicking on the link in your email. Then, you have a track record of who wrote the review.

2. Your customers find it easy to write them – When your customers get a request for review, all they need to do is click on the link and submit the review. There is no additional sign-in required, making it easy for them to provide you with their honest feedback. If they write a review on your custom review site, the authentication is via a profile you already may have an account on – so the process is convenient.

3. BirdEye reviews are displayed on your custom business profile and create value – BirdEye creates a custom business profile for you and lists all your reviews on it (including reviews written directly on the BirdEye platform). This aggregated review count is obviously much higher than what your customers will see anywhere. 

This Google-indexed custom business profile is SEO optimized gets you additional real estate on search results. These reviews, therefore contribute to your digital footprint. The review count from the custom business profile also shows up on the Google Knowledge Panel. 

4. Display reviews on your website – These reviews also show up alongside all the other aggregated reviews on your business website, creating trust.

5. Promote reviews on social media – Reviews written on the BirdEye platform can also be cross-posted on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and influence your followers.

6. Reviews written on BirdEye platform help you enable Google Seller Ratings on your Google Ads. When you collect reviews on the BirdEye platform, these reviews add up quickly. This allows you to enable Google Seller Ratings on your Google Ad campaign and improve the clickthru rate (CTR) of your ad campaign.


7. Your customers find it easy to write a review directly on the BirdEye platform – Your customers get invited to write a review on BirdEye only if you ask them to. When they get a request, all they need to do is click on the link and submit the review. There is no additional sign-in required, making it easy for them to provide you with their honest feedback.

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