Local Business SEO listings Management: Your Guide to Local SEO 2020

Relevant. Simple. Instantaneous. This is what consumers expect from their online searches.

Local business SEO – This guide introduces the foundation of presence management–citation consistency. Providing basic business contact information may sound obvious, but believe it or not, this often-overlooked step is actually the third most crucial element in search engine rankings. Be certain your business is doing it right.

Sounds easy enough, right? Not exactly.

Are your business listings hurting your online reputation and local business SEO?

How many pages is your listing on? Just one? Not good. Multiple? Better, but are they all accurate?

Today’s connected customers exist in a world composed of micro-moments where every detail counts. Anything obstructing a seamless experience will divert their customer journey in another direction, so inconveniences like incorrect business information are enough to drive their attention elsewhere. But in order for users to even reaching your business listing, you must first show up in their online search.

Google’s 2014 Pigeon update aims to provide more relevant, accurate local search results tied more closely to the good old-fashioned search ranking factors. Local citations became more important than ever in the resulting “user-as-centroid” search procedure that hyperlocalizes based on a user’s device. Consumers take full advantage of this feature; 82% of smartphone users use the “Near Me” feature.

If managed inadequately, your NAP could become the bane of your existence. If any of your listings across pages don’t match, or if the same phone number shows up for different locations, you’ve woven yourself an invisibility cloak of Google penalties. Until you get your story straight, Google won’t trust you enough to send its beloved users your way.

Business listings management – Local business SEO gets pickier, rankings get trickier

In August 2015, Google shook things up again by slimming down its search snack pack from the top 7 results to only 3 for mobile optimization, since mobile searches now exceed desktop worldwide. Only the cream of the crop gets online recognition.

Even if you’ve earned a coveted spot in the top three, this doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. If companies 4-10 are bolstering SEO efforts to scoot up the list, they’ll be hot on your heels unless you continuously optimize your presence.

Rather than playing hide-and-seek tag with search engines, polish up your local citations and be found in the micro-moments when customers need you most.

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